Although not, inside the Agitate Halation Arc, she gone back to this lady previous outbursts relationship to your him

Touma will not accept that she need to have of easy for her actions in past times and you can carefully thinks she is always to deal with a fair trial, but the guy will not enable the girl to be brutally killed inside the name of one’s Alliance’s fairness. Immediately after become allies, he gets quite amicable and you may familiar towards the Othinus, adequate that this lady has to help you constantly prompt your one to the woman is a god hence he should not exercise. Regarding unique, Touma and you can Othinus develop an unbreakable thread where they rely upon both, as the pointed out whenever Touma face Silvia and you will Brunhild and finally as he conserves Othinus.

Ollerus states when both Touma otherwise Othinus passed away during the front side of 1 several other, of numerous changes might happen, which have Touma altering his character and you may Othinus to-be a monster far far more cruel than what she was just before.

Mikoto got a crush on Touma for some time but she pointed out that she had dropped what is tinychat in love with your close the conclusion the new Acqua of your own Right back Arc

Certainly one of every emails on collection, Othinus can be perhaps qualify while the nearest so you can Touma, have a tendency to insisting in order to mark as well as Touma within his pockets immediately after to-be reduced, regardless of the danger, offering your guidance inside not just in the latest issues out-of wonders and showing simply how much she knows Touma’s character In fact, both Touma and you can Othinus by herself has actually referenced their relationship as the this lady are Touma’s Understander ( ??? , Rikai-sha ? ) .

Misaka Mikoto

Touma very first satisfied Mikoto whenever she had been harassed from the delinquents and, unacquainted with her Peak 5 nature, he made an effort to help save her. The guy accidentally generated their resentful, and therefore resulted in their frying all the delinquents by herself. [32] He rapidly learns out of their mistake, plus in the first scene regarding the Directory collection the guy tries to keep other delinquents regarding their. [33] He undoubtedly cares on her because the shown in the Sisters Arc, as he avoided the girl out of obtaining herself murdered and you can consoled their whenever she cried. Mikoto are one of the primary individuals see Touma’s memory loss, albeit by accident. [ citation called for ]

As the realizing their emotions, Mikoto could have been happy to get involved with Touma’s lives, trying save him throughout the Globe Conflict III and you can using your so you can Hawaii inside the Hawaiian Invasion Arc. From inside the latter experience, she plus attempted start a connection with your, though she backed up of trying to provide your a band she bought. At the conclusion of the brand new Hawaiian Intrusion Arch, Mikoto advised Touma you to she’ll sustain their burdens with him hence he is not by yourself. Touma is grateful for just what Mikoto told you, however, he thought that he may not allow her to get wrapped up in the problems. As he returned to Academy Town which will be quickly involved into the a dangerous disease, she accepted that Touma cannot be held into his steps, and will assistance him within his endeavours even in the event they certainly were harmful. She relates to it as a sign of being a beneficial “a great lady”. [ citation called for ] About Secret Jesus Othinus Arc, Mikoto faces to the Touma’s ideals in the protecting Othinus and retaining the newest “primary community.” Despite their pleas, she does not believe their point out that a world in the place of him create delete the sins linked to him. Advising Touma not to ever end up being limited by worthless values, and incur the extra weight of the lady upcoming and you will half a dozen million anyone. Having a grin, Mikoto gives Touma a hug, and shocks having him together with her stamina, and come up with your treat consciousness. No matter finally conquering Touma within his video game, Mikoto feels their earn is actually empty.